Quality Assurance

International Co. For Food Industries

ISO 22000:2018

The company has a quality team of 7 members who have been trained and given the following quality certificates:

  1. Training on ISO 9001:2008 for the period from 15-21 year 2009 R & Tech Co.
  2. Training on HACCP for the period July 2005 LARSN – M
  3. Occupational Safety and Health System Training 18001:2007 R & Tech Co.
  4. Training on version 7 BRC for the period from 18-19 2016 global quality center co.
  5. Training on ISO 22000:2015 in 2010 from R&D TECH
  6. Training on ISO 2000:2018 for the period October 2020 from UNION FOR QUALITY SYSTEM AND TRAINING co.
  7. Training the doctor in charge of the laboratory in the central laboratory for pesticide residues on microbiological analyzes from 23-27 June 2019

Intergration Systems

ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 18001:2007
(Introduction Implementation & Internal Audit)

Food Safety

Food Safety Principles and the requirements of
ISO 22000:2018

Export Logistics

Internal Auditing

Internal Auditing Training Course

Microbiological Detection

Microbiological detection and enumeration techniques in food and environmental samples

Quality Internal Auditor

Other Certificates

Export Costing and Pricing

Good Manufacturing Practice