Mission & Vision

The company’s mission is to satisfy the customer, select trained human resources, and the company’s vision is to open new markets and export the Egyptian product to European and American markets. The company’s trademark is the TIBA HERBS logo.


The International Company for Food Industries is a member of the following bodies and councils: Chamber of Food Industries, Export Council for Agricultural Crops, Export Council for Food Industries, Food Safety Authority

The Chairman of the Board of Directors is a member of the Egyptian-Russian Business Council until the date of March 2018. Through the Council, forums and meetings with business owners in the Russian Federation have been attended. Member of the Egyptian-Belarusian Business Council till now. Through the Council, meetings with business owners in Belarus have been attended.

Company Activities

1- Drying

Drying agricultural crops, herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants (for example: onions - lemon peel - carrots - dill - parsley - coriander - orange peel – etc…)

Our History


The company started its activity in the field of exporting herbs and medicinal and aromatic plants since 1989, by establishing the International Company for Exports and Development, Ahmed Abdel Fattah Abu Doh and partners.  A partnership company which aims export, import and commercial agencies.

The company rented warehouses and a factory for sorting, screening and packaging herbs and medicinal and aromatic plants. We export our products via air or sea to Latvia - Estonia - Turkey - Germany – Russia. The Egyptian products received a great welcome in the Russian market.



In 1999, we established a representative office in Moscow, in order to better study the Russian market needs and fulfill the partners desire to provide the highest quality of agricultural crops, herbs and dried Egyptian medicinal and aromatic plants.

The desire of the founders to expand grew, so they established the International Company for Food Industries in 1998. They built a factory for the manufacture of foodstuffs, drying agricultural crops, herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants, as well as sorting, grading, sifting and packing the dried agricultural crops, herbs, medicinal and aromatic plants. This factory was established In Al Obour city, a new industrial zone. It consists of an administrative building, warehouses and a manufacturing building, on an area of 6500 square meters. The factory was provided with 2 Russian drying lines, 3 vertical packing machines, 3 Turkish sifting lines, 1 German sifting line, metal detector and a chemical and microbiological lab. A group of highly qualified and trained technicians was prepared in the field of drying, sorting, grading and sifting of agricultural crops.


In 2005, we started export under the name of the International Company for Food Industries. Since the main objective of the company is to satisfy our customer’s needs on time, the founders thought of building a factory near agriculture crops to quickly provide the industrial needs with high quality and large quantities of fresh raw materials.



A production branch of the company was established in the city of Bayad al-Arab in Beni Suef on an area of 15,000 square meters. The construction work was completed in 2009. The factory was equipped with a washing line, an American drying line, a German sifting line, a Turkish sifting line and a metal detector